No "Sweat" Just Comfort

This collection challenges you find comfort that allows you to claim there are no limits to what you can achieve if you remain authentically you on the pursuit of becoming your best self and that you may be empowered by the most high on your journey.

The "REMIX" Collection

The " Remix" is where you'll find some our most loved affirmations remixed with new colors and styles. Get into the new fall colors with the same bold affirmation.

Priceless Collection

This collection is designed to remind you that there’s no price tag to be placed on your worth. You’re a “Worthy” “Masterpiece” that is highly “Favored”!! 

The Originals

The vision came, the affirmation followed.These designs and affirmations is where it all started!!

Kids Collection

This collection was created in hopes of encouraging our kids to affirm all things positive about themselves. Affirm all the great attributes that is within your little one daily.

Currently Speaking...

This is collection speaks to all things current in the news, in your life, and how to maintain a positive outlook despite various circumstances.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make I AM a movement that puts an end to negative thinking and have people believing in the power of their thoughts, words, and how we have the power to manifest greatness when positively directed. We are ALL fearfully and wonderfully made and within our unique identities, God has embedded positive attributes that we must believe and claim.

Think Positive, Wear Positive, Be Positive!!  

About Us

A few years back I heard a powerful word regarding how negatively people think of themselves, despite the fact that we are children of God (The great I AM). This particular sermon resonated with me deeply and personally because I have seen struggles with insecurities regarding looks, self-doubt, and worth within myself and others. Upon hearing the sermon, it became more apparent that this method of thinking was not limited to myself alone but an ongoing trend amongst many believers and nonbelievers alike. Disappointed and desperate to change the narrative, I referred back to the sermons appeal for inspiration on how to continuously elevate and renew our minds. “How can WE, creations of God, continuously believe we are less than when God Himself created us in His image? If created in His likeness are we not more than we allow the enemy to make us believe?” God is so powerful, so amazing, so beyond any and everything that we can imagine that He is simply referred to as I AM. Created in His image and inheritors of His fortune (The Kingdom), we too can proclaim that I AM for He has purposely and intentionally embedded in our DNA, similar to the uniqueness of a fingerprint, undeniable POSITIVE attributes within us ALL.

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