Our Mission

Our mission at IAM is to put a significant dent or completely eradicate negative thinking. We believe your thoughts and words hold power; power that can manifest greatness when our thoughts are positively directed.

In hopes of encouraging self-love and positive vibes, we are intentional in creating pieces that speak to the positive within.

Think Positive, Wear Positive, Be Positive!!  

About Us

IAM is where years of personal pain became my passion and mission. After years of self-hate, self-doubt, and constant negative thinking; enough was enough. As a believer of The Great I AM, how could I not see His image within me? After all, IAM created with unique attributes that speak volumes to the purpose I should be walking and living in. With newfound hope and self-love, I recognized that my negative thought patterns were destructive to my wellbeing. In creating IAM, I’ve created a space where negativity cannot abide and where positivity is the key to manifesting our wildest dreams. IAM is more than just a clothing and accessories brand; it’s the act of becoming intentionally kind to yourself through the process of positive thinking and daily affirmations. 

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